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new fence and gate

Fine New Fence & Great New Gate!

The original fence on this Burbank area home was old, weather beaten, and termite eaten. My job was to take out the old fence and put a new matching one in.

A special feature I worked into the design was to be the attractive new gate.

All the new fence posts were 4x4 treated lumber, and those flanking the gate were wrapped in poplar.

New wood post finials are no longer readily available, so I re-used the old ones. It entailed a lot of extra labor removing them, and cleaning them up, but the finished result made it well worth the effort.

The gate was built from redwood 2x6's and 2x2's, using traditional bridle-joint and dowel joinery without nails, screws, or fasteners. The address numerals were freehand routered in, for a custom touch. Then it was painted with six coats of marine spar varnish, with vigorous wet-sanding between coats.

The fence panels were attached with metal hangers at the fence rails. Thus, they can be easily removed for painting, and dropped back in.

The ends of the rails can be sealed, because they're removeable. They can be removed for weeding - if anyone was so inclined (a small screw through the side can render the panels stationary).

The homeowner was extremely pleased with the finished fence and gate, and several of the neighbors also expressed their appreciation for the stylish new gate.

To see over 100 before, during, and after photos of this project, click here.

When photos of this project were posted on the internet, this was the reaction:

"...nice looking job. Simple, yet elegant." - Snort 

"That's a nice gate." - Dam Inspector 

"I like the gate!  Could you elaborate a little more about free-handing the address?  I think it is a very neat look..." - Vintage1 

"I'm impressed." - JimAKAblue 

"Looks good." - MSA1 

"Great looking job!" - theslateman 

"As usual, nice work." - DonCanDo 

"That's a beautiful job, the entire package.  I really enjoy creating things like that gate." - Hudson Valley Carpenter

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