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more before & after pics

Someone else started this project (and kinda made a mess of it), so the "before" picture shows what was there when we arrived.  We put in a Jacuzzi tub with a marble platform, tub surround, and countertop.

Here, we took out the ugly old square tub and platform, and reconfigured it with a comfortable new fiberglass tub and new shower panel, with granite platform and marble tile on the shower walls.

In this kitchen remodel we opened the wall, resulting in a new pass-thru to the dining room.  New alder wood cabinets, new tile floor, new granite countertops.

This is the same bathroom as seen at the left, but looking the other direction.  We took out the old cabinet, put in a new cabinet with a granite countertop, new sinks, faucets, and new tile floor.  The owner picked out those radical looking sinks!  They looked funny, but worked great.  I don't think you 'd want to dye your hair in them, 'tho!

This kitchen was part of a whole-house remodel, actually an apartment conversion to townhome, so we gutted and renovated with new doors, trim, cabinets, flooring, and new paint throughout.  We had to upgrade the electrical to add a dedicated circuit for the microwave, and we added cable, and a ceiling fan in the living room.  Shown here is just one unit out of 26 total, on a year-long renovation project.  To read more, click here.

Here a family room was converted to a home office, with new oak cabinets and countertop, new french doors for privacy and sound isolation.

This kitchen makeover, part of a whole-house remodel, that we took over and completed.  We added a dedicated circuit for the microwave (can you believe the original contractor didn't even install an electrical outlet for the microwave - what did he think it was going to run on...static electricity?).  Check out the awesome granite countertop and backsplash!

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