HP Construction
giving back
HP Construction believes that every successful business should give back to the community that supports it.  

In April of 2008, we were honored to receive a Certificate of Recognition for outstanding support of the local community college's Woodworking Technology curricula, and HP Construction was named as a business partner with the college. 

A special note of thanks goes out to unsung heroes Steve Hageman and Mark Dommer for this recognition, and for their excellent work with the college construction and trade curricula.
We have also been priveleged to work with instructor Mike Najera and administrator Carl Stice of Redwood High School (at Kern Crossroads), a program designed to teach trade skills and build self-esteem for youths who have had some trouble with the law.
In addition to our willingness to contribute our expertise to deserving educational programs, we also participate in voluntary labor projects from time to time.

In this troubled economy, there may be worthy projects that cannot raise the funding to pay professional contractor rates. 

If you have a project, educational or otherwise, that you feel merits some voluntary assistance, please do not hesitate to contact HP Construction regarding our participation.  Just email or phone us with the nature of your project, the type of work desired, and the reasons you or your organization are unable to pay for the work.

We will consider any applications in view of our schedule and availability, the nature of the project, and whether we feel we can contribute something positive and productive.

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