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porch and gable makeover

The challenge here was to rebuild the cracked front porch, address some other safety issues, and give the curb appeal of this Los Angeles cottage home a facelift in the process.

Not only was the original porch badly cracked, but it sloped too severely away from the house.   The steps were a little too deep for the elderly owner to negotiate, and there was a need for a better safety grab-rail than the steel bathroom-type grab-bar that had been added previously.

The step up into the house was over four inches, and it was requested that we raise the level of the porch 2".  And the narrow walkway from sidewalk to porch was badly cracked and as a result, the pathway surface was dangerously irregular. 

These were all safety issues that were important to correct.  But equally important to the owner, was the aesthetic factor.  The uninviting concrete porch was lacking character and personality - giving no sense of style or welcome.

We re-shaped the concrete porch, correcting the slope and cracking, and remaking the steps, by using an isolation barrier, covered by expanded metal lath and new concrete.  Over that, we added concrete paver tiles on top, and stone shaped pavers on the side.

A new guard-rail added both safety and a sense of style.  Grab-rails were added on both sides, starting ahead of the first step, and terminating well past the top step, again for safety reasons.  In extending the rails down below the first step, we added new posts, which gave us the opportunity for another stylistic improvement - a slightly more traditional newel treatment.

Above, we fabricated new corbel brackets, to support a decorative arbor over the steps.  Then we poured a new concrete walkway from the sidewalk to the porch, colored to add a little warmth to the entry. 

The homeowner was pleased with the safey and stylistic improvements to her home, and has taken to the age-old pasttime of porch sitting on her attractive new front porch.

The gable end at the front of the house was plain and unimaginative.  It needed a facelift to bring it into stylistic harmony with the new porch.  A round vent was added, with a customized surround and decorative band of trim below the gable. 

Inside, crown molding in the living room and master bedroom added a touch of class.

Numerous compliments from the neighbors, and even the mailman, have shown that others appreciate the improvements also!  

click here to see the before and after pictures side-by-side
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