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The problem with the entry steps (photos left), was that a new driveway had been poured over the old one, with no thought to how it would make the first step too low in proportion to the others, a code violation and a safey hazard. And of course, the old concrete steps were ugly, even after the homeowner had removed the unsightly old brick veneer. We poured new concrete to bring the steps up to code, and tiled them with natural slate.

In the photos above, we added deck stairs and handrail - a steel pipe mortised into the posts, which is very strong, as well as safer and more comfortable than the usual 2x4 handrail. The concrete deck was sawcut, so that the post could be anchored in a concrete footing, then re-poured to match.

In these photos, you can see the half-wall and handrail we built to replace a rickety old metal railing.  The homeowner gave us liberty to devise any means we chose to give him a safe and sturdy railing.  The wall was built with plywood shear on both sides, and the sheetrock was cut so that the handrail could "grow" right out of the wall - a unique detail that is seldom encountered, but which is very strong.

                                                                                                                                                                              The nice thing about doing computerized sketches in 3D is that the basic shapes can be depicted accurately, in terms of proportion and mass.  So the finished product will reflect the design chosen, with no big unpleasant surprises - as shown in this bathroom remodel we designed and executed.


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