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attic conversion

From unuseable attic to large family playroom!

I recently discovered a cd containing these photos of a job I did a few years back.  This was a Time & Materials attic conversion, and I did the work solo.  The pictures show before and after - unfortunately, I didn't get any 'during' photos, and I never went back to take photos after the owner installed carpet and paint. 

My job was to take the unruly mess of a typical attic, and convert it into usable space. 

Structural beams  and a central post replaced the roof purlin bracing, and all the joists were doubled up, with pressure blocking between.  Perimeter walls were built, so there is access around the attic outside this room. 

I used a mechanical lift to assist with the beams I installed, the walls and ceiling were insulated with fiberglass batts, and I used a drywall lift to hang the drywall by myself. 

The floor was sheathed with a very substantial 1 1/8" tongue-and-groove subfloor, glued and screwed down.

All the walls and ceiling were insulated with fiberglass batts before being sheetrocked and textured, and the area was left in ready-for-carpet-and-paint condition.   So the attic went from a hot, dirty, and obstruction-filled space, to a sturdy, open, cool, clean space - ready for use as a playroom for the family's two children.

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