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artist's studio remodel

A local artist called us to give her a bid on finishing out a metal shed in the backyard, to be used as her art studio.  We found out there were 5 bidders on the project.  She did her due diligence, and called the state contractor's board - where she found out 3 of the 5 were unlicensed.

So it was down to two of us, and we were the higher bid of the two.  But we were also the contractor she felt most comfortable with, and we were the one chosen.

The walls were straightforward - drywall, with wood trim around the windows and wood baseboard.  The ceiling was unusual - she wanted corrugated steel panels.  This entailed making some custom trim pieces for the ceiling light fixtures to mount to.

The floor was painted epoxy.  The project turned out beautiful, and was completed on schedule.  Which was a good thing, because she had planned a big celebration bash, with printed invitations to all her clients and associates.

We were invited to the party, and ended up being the official party photographer as well.

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