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Law Office Remodel

we took our color cues from the framed print The attorney who's office we remodeled here has been a good client for years.  She called, and said the reception area gets much needed carpetingshe wanted some cabinets changed around in her breakroom, and maybe some outlets and some computer cable added.  She also wanted some "improvements" to the rest of the offices, but was unsure of the specifics. 

the breakroom cabinets after we remodeled themFollowing our initial meeting, we knew that certain aspects of the project were a given - the "not to exceed" budget (which was pretty lean!), the under-counter refrigerator and microwave had to be built in to the existing breakroom cabinets, all the cabinet doors were to be removed (they wanted all open shelves) and electrical and cable outlets were needed
in the filing area and some of the offices.  After interviewing we cut down the drawers and installed the refrig. & microwaveher staff, we began working on how to give her the most bang for the buck.

Beyond the givens, the client had enough trust to let us run with the ball - we didn't have to consult further with her, or get her approval.  Thus, each facet became a pleasant surprise for her as the project progressed, which made the job that much more enjoyable, and provided motivation for us to stretch her dollar further.

new wall-mounted oak cabinet shelvesIn addition to adding electrical and computer cable outlets throughout, and modifying the breakroom cabinets to accomodate the refrigerator and  microwave, we altered the t-bar light fixture layout for better lighting in the filing area, installed new shelves/cabinets above the file cabinets and in a couple of offices chair-rail and paint help cheer up the reception area(she loved that surprise), removed the old threadbare carpet and installed new carpet in the waiting room.

Then, after adding everything up, we found we could afford one last big surprise - some chair-rail molding and colorful "wainscote" paint, to liven up the reception area.  B
y drawing the color choices from a favorite print mounted on the waiting room wall, we were able to unify the room, and know that we were working from a color pallette that our client would approve of.

the oak pass-thru counter was refinishedThe color surprise happened over the weekend (the carpet went in we added the brass kick-plate and fold-down door holderFri. afternoon, after the staff had left).  Monday morning we waited.  No call came, so finally we called them.  It was good news - she loved it! 

Cool.  We snuck back in for some finishing touches, adding a kick-plate and a fold-down door holder to the beige door shown above (so they could get rid of their little rubber wedge!) and refinished the worn-out oak pass-thru countertop.  It was a fun project.

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