HP Construction
Laurel Drive Rescue

poor workmanship typical of what we encountered when we arrivedThis project was a case of HP Construction to the rescue!  Mainly, because the previous contractor had left the project in such a sorry state, and the hapless homeowner had attempted to take over managing a project they were unqualified for.  When we firstwe re-plumbed this tangled mess we found in the shower wall met with the client (a writer from Laguna Hills, who had grown up in this house), she was on the verge of tears, and appeared dangerously close to a nervous breakdown.
We found a plethora of problems: shoddy and incomplete electrical wiring (including light switches that should have been adjacent to an entry door being placed off in a distant corner!), substandard craftsmanship at every turn, drywall repaired with stucco, shower improperly plumbed, and a general state of disorganization and confusion about the jobsite.

The original contractor, it turns out, went bankrupt in mid-project.  Others then contributed to the chaos, so that by the time we arrived, we didn't know who to blame.  But we knew we could straighten the mess out, and we did.

The electrical was re-done throughout the house, switches were placed near the entry doors where they belonged in the first place, substandard work was torn out and replaced, stucco was broken from the interior walls and they were repaired properly with drywall and joint compound, and textured to match. 

New doors were installed throughout, granite and marble were installed in the kitchen and master bath, tile floors in the master bath, the front porch steps were rebuilt and covered with slate, a poorly executed and incomplete attempt at a deck in the backyard was re-designed and completed, with steps and safety handrails.  The whole house was painted, carpeted, and completed, to the satisfaction of the homeowner, and the building department inspector.

We left behind a house the homeowner could be proud of, as were we.

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