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Greene and Greene

...and the Arts & Crafts movement

“Good work costs much more than poor imitation or factory product”– Charles Greene

Some Greene & Greene inspired Gamble House by eyemagination on smugmug
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In today's "factory-made" world, its easy to dismiss craftsmanship as an outdated notion, and to overlook the vital role that craftsmanship & woodworking play in art, industry, and architecture.

In this regard we at Bakersfield Remodel believe that the architectural firm known as Greene and Greene merits a closer look.  Because of our dedication to fine craftsmanship, we're reserving this page of our website for a consideration of these two architectural artists and craftsmen.


GREENE & GREENE: artists, architects, craftsmen, and interior designers

architects Charles (left) and Henry (right) GreeneWHO:  brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, architectural firm: Greene and Greene

WHAT: established a style later known as the “ultimate bungalow” that took the Craftsman style of architecture and interiors to a heightened level of craftsmanship, detailing, and aesthetics. 

Treated the production of residential architecture, interiors, and wood furniture as an art form of both functional and aesthetic beauty.  Developed a trademark style based on combining the unpretentious integrity of Gustav Stickley’s “Craftsman” ideal with the subtle beauty of Asian art and architecture. 

Created entire interiors, ranging from the architecture and engineering of the structure to the design and detailing of the doors, windows, furniture, carpets, stained glass, tile, metalwork, light fixtures, and pottery.  photo courtesy TIM STREET-PORTER

Left behind a legacy of great furniture and residential architecture design, even stunning landscape designs, which continue to awe and inspire students and followers of great design, almost a hundred years later.

WHEN: early in the 20th century, during the years preceding the first world war of 1914-1919

WHERE: Pasadena, California

WHY: Both brothers were schooled in the fundamentals of craftsmanship based on sound design principles. 

Charles Greene, the more artistic and creative member of Greene and Greene, sought to achieve an ideal of beauty both of form and function, based on an unpretentious style that photo courtesy eyemagination on smugmugcelebrated the inherent attractiveness of good craftsmanship. 

Supported by the pragmatic and industrious Henry Greene, his younger brother, the two men sought to establish an architectural vocabulary native to California, and in so doing achieved a level of remarkable beauty that celebrates the power of good design to inspire, and to enhance life.  reproduction chair and photo by Darrell Peart


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touring the Gamble House with craftsman Darrell Peart

Now Available:

 "Gamble House, Pasadena - the view from without" 

About the book:  "California craftsman, artist, contractor, and sometimes writer N. Bahrman shares his views on architects Greene and Greene in general, and the Gamble House in particular, accompanied by extensive photographs of the exterior of the house and grounds."

My goal: to make available photos of the exterior of Gamble House, a virtual storehouse of Craftsman style details as interpreted by Greene and Greene.  While many publications feature the interior, the complete exterior photos are harder to come by.  Until now!  Hope you enjoy it.  - N. Bahrman

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