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East Hills Bath Remodel

Our initial contact resulted when this particular client was surfing the internet in search of a Bakersfield remodeling contractor, and like you, landed here at bakersfield remodel dot com.  He invited us over for a look and a discussion.

What he wanted was nothing short of a complete master bathroom remodel that involved removing everything down to the drywall  (and down to the studs in places), and installing an entirely new bathroom. 

Foremost on his list was the original square tub - it looked like it might have been originally designed as a veterinarian's dog bath - the owner didn't like it, and had never used it.

The client's budget for this project was so tight it squeaked, so we applied several cost-saving compromises.  We went with a paint-grade cabinet instead of stain-grade.  We left in place the wall between the vanity and the toilet - although at first it was slated for removal. 

We installed only one shower head (in this case, shower panel), whereas two were originally desired.  Rather than insist on providing the plumbing fixtures, we allowed the client to hunt for bargains and purchase his own tub, sinks, faucets, and toilet.  We utilized leftover tiles from previous jobs, at a fraction of the cost of buying all new tile.   

We had a target date for completion, which we met...pretty much.  OK, with the exception of the glass shower door, which was delayed due to an error in ordering chrome finish when it should have been brushed nickel.  

The demolition work was exhausting, as the old tub had been tiled over a thick base of concrete on the walls and floor. We're talking a huge amount of concrete that had to be busted out and hauled off. We had to cut a hole in the ceiling below to install the drop-in tub drain after the tile and granite were completed - and then repair it when we were done. You couldn't even tell.  The house had white carpet, which had to be protected during the entire remodel, kind of a wall to wall tarp-it-ing. 

The client worked together with us on arriving at a design that was economical, attractive, high in quality, and according to their style tastes.  A new, more user-friendly tub was located under the window, with a shower area adjacent to it.  Marble tiles in the shower accented the granite tub platform and countertop.  New floor tiles and paint completed the makeover.

The client was pleased with our work methods and our finished product, and we're proud of the job - a dramatic transformation from ugly duckling to elegant swan.

the reaction jobsite photos of this job got when posted on the internet...

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  • Of course the homeowners are pleased - it looks like they got class A work for a class B budget. - Aimless
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