HP Construction
City in the Hills

City in the Hills is a community of new homes, east of Bakersfield, across from the old abandoned race track.  The first job we did was a wall addition, dividing two rooms that had been open to each other.  We had to separate the rooms, and make it look like it had been that way from the beginning.

We completed the job, and the homeowners were pleased with our work, and our price.  Another voice that spoke approval was that of the builder's customer service rep - he took our cards, and said he'd recommend us for more work.  Not long after, we got a call from another resident, just a few doors down from the first one.

He said they wanted the same, but with a home office sealed off with french doors.  He had a bid on cabinets from another cabinet shop, but we were able to beat their price, so he hired us to do the entire job.  No problem, we delivered, and gained another satisfied customer.

Meanwhile, sadly, our customer service friend was laid off, in the housing market crunch that followed the sub-prime collapse.  However, we received a call from our initial client, to come back and pour a concrete walkway, which we did.  Again, they were happy with our work, and offered to recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

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