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Barnes and Noble repairs
It all started with a drunken car crash in the middle of the night (sometime after the bars close down!) - the hapless driver added a drive-thru to the local bookstore.  And walked away, uninjured.  The car and the building, however, did not fare so well.  The car was long gone when we arrived, but the building sat wounded and suffering in the Bakersfield sun.

The vehicle crash destroyed the front corner of the building, shattering the bookstore's storefront glass, and leaving the security of the store's contents at risk (as well as the safety of curious customers & passing pedestrians). 

A makeshift plywood board-up did little to remedy the situation, and would have to be removed in order for work to progress.  And all the while the cool conditioned air was escaping faster than inmates at a prison earthquake.

Our solution was twofold: indoors, the erection of a 12' high temporary wall of steel studs and osb sheathing kept cold air in and thieves out, while outside a temporary chain-link fence kept curious onlookers safely away from the construction zone.

The walls surrounding the broken glass had to be rebuilt, as there was structural damage from the vehicle impact.  Then new drywall, stucco, paint, wood trim, and wallpaper - all had to blend seamlessly.

The job went without a hitch, and the day the temporary wall was removed the new storefront window went in. Best of all, during the entire rebuild it was business as usual for the bustling bookstore!

before......................and after

before & after...from the inside

and a few more pics of the work in progress...

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