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5 week kitchen remodel

the ugly yellow kitchen with green tile!This kitchen remodel took place in early 2008.  The clients had approached a local franchise kitchen remodeler to make their dream kitchen come true.  But it was a rude awakening from the dream when they began getting pressured to exceed their stated budget.  And somehow, the estimated cost for the project kept escalating past that line. 
Yes!  We can really tear things up!
When they called us, we were pleased to be able to give them more kitchen for less money.  Granite instead of Corian, tile floor instead of vinyl, under budget instead of over.


The job progressed quickly, taking just 5 weeks total.  During which time the clients cooked with a microwave and a hot plate in their game room, cleaned dishes in the laundry room sink, and ate out a little more often! 

The wall at the west end of the room was opened up, Are these guys really on the level?  You bet they are!creating a pass-thru to the dining room.  The ugly old bi-fold door into the study was replaced with a moreWow!  Finished product - pretty, isnt it? practical swinging door, and a window panel with fogged glass was added to fill the void left by the bigger door. 

The kitchen’s back entry door was replaced with a new frame-and-panel door, fitted into the existing jamb.

A new freestanding range and wall hood replaced the old built-in model.  The clients were a pleasure to work for, and the kitchen, once ugly and clautrophobic feeling, looks beautiful now!

photos of this job inspired the comments below, when posted on the internet

nice....   - IMERC

Man that really cleaned that up.  Nice work.  - DanT

Great job! Did you used the help of a kitchen designer? How about the lighting? ...Your kitchen looks beautiful.  - handy@home

Nice work and really well kept site.  You have my admiration, which combined with a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee most places.  But it really is a great looking job and site.  DanT

Thanks... Once again, beautiful job. - handy@home
Nicely organized and great results.  - Pierre1

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