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"CRAFTSMANSHIP is a relationship between the maker and the process of creation. It is not simply a set of skills one acquires, like the ability to read or drive a car. More than anything, craftsmanship is a matter of attitude...

"In this context, craftsmanship is first and foremost an expression of the human spirit.

"The artist is not concerned with the utility of the created object; the craftsman is. ...This care is implicit in every step... Craftsmanship is both attitude and skills."

- from Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn

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"I get a little confused about what people want their website to accomplish. I just want it to represent me, to reflect my values, my personality.

"For me successful business relationships are all about finding the right match. The customer and I have to be a good match, or there is going to be too much conflict for me to enjoy working with them. If I don't enjoy working with them there's really no point in entering the relationship - the money earned will be long gone before the negative energy generated by the relationship is.

"Life's too short. Let your website represent the real you, whoever that is. Do that and the customers you attract will share enough personal values with you to have a decent shot at creating a good working relationship at least - maybe even develop into a friendship - and we all know how rare those are."

Jim Blodgett
A Small Woodworking Company LLC 

congratulations Stan Foster, DeWalt Tool's Top Finish Carpenter!

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My controversial hip roof video: (for the whole saga, click here)

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WE WON!  When Fine Homebuilding Magazine called for entries in a roof framing photo competition, we sent our pictures in.  When the 
winners were announced, we were pleased to have made the grade.    Our winning entry was entitled "Complex Cut and Stack"

"Thank you for visiting HP Construction here at our dot com home page.  We are a remodeling, construction, home renovation and tenant improvement contractor, licensed & insured. 

"We do room additions, kitchen and bath remodeling, home improvements, ADA handicap and wheelchair approach & accessibility makeovers, and more. 

"Please take a few minutes to check out our website, and familiarize yourself with our services. If you're smart enough to know why its important to work with a licensed contractor, then you're our type of customer!

"We welcome projects in Southern California.

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N. "Huck" Bahrman, owner

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Whether its a large renovation project,an insurance rebuild, an office or retail store remodel, a tenant improvement "build-out", or a kitchen and bath remodel, we can help you out with our quality-conscious crew of talented craftsmen and conscientious subcontractors.

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“Business, I admit, must be run upon business lines, but this is not business, this is the art of helping to make living pleasurable and beautiful beyond the merely useful” 
Charles Greene

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